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'Australis' - named for the Aurora Australis viewable from the South of Melbourne and Tasmania, Australia.
'Australis' is a process driven piece, exploring technique, material and utilisation of various tools, rather than any specific vision Benny had for the work from the outset. It went through five different iterations before he was happy with the outcome - a challenge given the medium he works with.


'Australis' presents as a soft, high-contrast piece full of the intricate detail and incredible depth I've become known for, while also representing a natural phenomenon that is known for beauty beyond words.


Benny's abstract work is unlike anything seen on the market. It's immersive in its depth and bold in colour, thanks to its flawless resin finish. These stunning, organic works fill homes and commercial spaces, with warmth and an air of mystery as they transform before your eyes from different vantage points. As light changes throughout the days and evenings, the gift of a new aesthetic can be found at every viewing, delighting collectors and visitors alike.

Creating the work is a passion-fuelled, fully thought out process, beginning with rough shapes in one of many sketchbooks, then, as if by magic, evolving into a 3 meter contemporary artwork consisting of acrylic and resin on a custom made birch panel.

While the entire undertaking brings enormous artistic satisfaction to Benny, the ultimate joy is his clientele falling in love with his art and sharing what they’ve found.

Given the nature of his work is so organic in its abstraction and thus almost indecipherable, Benny prefers for those viewing his art to find out individually what each piece means to them personally, rather than be told what they should be seeing. More often than not, the piece will go untitled until purchase, and the new owner names it. He believes it doesn't matter what his vision was for a piece, it’s all about how the viewer connects to it and the emotion they feel. His open invitation for people to feel and discuss their findings encourages enormous pleasure.

Much-loved and appreciated clientele include passionate art collectors, interior designers, homeowners, art lovers, as well as first-time art buyers. Benny has a certain warmth about him. A complete lack of pretension and pure love of his craft.


'Australis' is 120cm x 120cm, consisting of a beautifully warm palette - magenta's, deep purples, deep blues, light turquoise and Bennys signature gold, all beautifully sealed under multiple layers of resin, enhancing its depth significantly, while also providing a stunning glass-like gloss finish.

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