Landscapes of Nillumbik

Gallery 7six5 is delighted to play host to seven incredibly talented artists hailing from within our very own Nillumbik Shire, coming together to create an array of artworks specifically for this 'Landscapes of Nillumbik' exhibition, utilising a multitude of different media.

Opening January 14th, visitors and collectors will be thrust into the heart of the Artisan Hills, gaining access to the inner workings of our artists minds as they reflect their understanding of our beautiful landscape on canvas, reclaimed steel and glass.

Featuring well known names; Nerina Lascelles, Tim Read, Linda MacAulay, Jacquie Hacansson, Fionna Madigan, Michele Owen and Benny Archer, the trip to Gallery 7 six 5 is well worth the visit. You can feel the rolling hills and smell the delightful bush scent from where you sit.

Untitled 1, 76cm x 152cm, 2021.jpg

Nerina Lascelles

Michele Owen

Photo 23-12-21, 10 00 29 pm (1)_edited.jpg

Fionna Madigan