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A Flora and Fauna exhibition


Tara Stubley

Oil painter

The surrounding bush is a constant inspiration for Tara's work. Large brushstrokes and intricate details makes up her gorgeous portfolio.

0435 182 347

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Mary-Lou Pittard


Mary-Lou has created with clay for over 3 decades and continues to explore new ideas and push the capabilities of her medium.

0417 301 468

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Lisa Ferarri

Encaustic wax artist

Lisa Ferrari is a multi-media artist. She paints in watercolour, oils and encaustic wax, and also creates sculptural pieces with ceramic and fused glass.

0458 984 492

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Jacquie Hacansson

Glass artist

Jacquie is a master glass artist, having created for some of the most well known establishments in the area and beyond.

0417 356 685

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Benny Archer

Abstract artist

Benny combines art and science to create large-scale shimmering abstract works that pierce your very soul.

0429 465 582

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Melissa Thomas

Metal artist

Melissa has defined an aesthetic utilising both mild and stainless steel, glass and lighting components. Her work perfectly suits indoor and outdoor use.

0490 143 033

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Tread Sculptures

Reclaimed metal artist

For nearly a decade, Tim Read has led the reclaimed metal art-form, creating work that tells a dozen amazing stories all at once.

0405 101 001

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Picnic by Perle

Textile artists

Lifelong best friends, Wendy & Jo, create stunning throws with beautiful reclaimed materials.

0418 170 180

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