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An Investment that Transforms Boardrooms

Right now, an incredible opportunity awaits to breathe life into your boardroom by introducing the magic of original art pieces - a decision that not only revamps your space but supports emerging artists as well.

Supporting up-and-coming artists is more than a noble act; it's an investment in our society's cultural tapestry. Your patronage will have a ripple effect not only in the local arts, as the recognition helps them strive, but also on your workplace's diversity and creativity.

'After all, art is the beacon of innovation'

Your boardroom - the heart of decision-making - when adorned with vibrant, thought-provoking pieces, can transform into a hub of inspiration.

Art has the power to boost morale, productivity, and stimulate out-of-the-box thinking, as proven by the world's most successful companies.

Contrary to common misconceptions, purchasing original artworks from emerging artists is an accessible and affordable undertaking. This relatively untapped investment has potential long-term financial benefits as the value of these pieces can appreciate over time.

It signifies your company's commitment to enriching cultural diversity, invariably leading to an enhanced brand reputation and positive public relations.

While choosing the right art may seem daunting, here's some guidance.

  • Define Your Purpose and Style:

    • Do you want a piece that creates a focal point, invokes a certain mood, or complements the rest of your décor?

    • Remember, this should complement your business culture, it’s not for your home.

    • Whether you lean towards abstract, minimalist, traditional, or modern influences, let this guide your choice.

  • Consider the Space:

    • Evaluate your intended space to make an informed choice.

    • Consider the size, existing décor, and lighting when determining the most suitable colour scheme and size for your artwork.

    • Remember, the art should harmonize with its surroundings, serving as a seamless yet impactful addition to the room.

    • Also, you want the piece to inspire those around your boardroom table.

  • Research Artists and Artworks:

    • To find the perfect art piece, it's crucial to explore various artists, art styles, and mediums.

    • Delve into the world of art via online platforms, your local galleries, and upcoming exhibitions.

    • Local galleries, like Gallery 7six5, can help you learn about their artists' inspirations, backgrounds, and techniques.

    • This exploration can open up an array of possibilities you may have not considered before.

  • Assess Your Emotional Connection:

    • Art is an emotional investment as much as a visual one.

    • Choose a piece that resonates with your business and culture.

    • It should bring about positive emotions. Trust your instincts.

    • A story, a memory, a moment captured in the artwork that aligns with your companies’ values and experiences can make the piece truly special.

  • Set a Budget and Explore Options:

    • Art can be a significant investment, so set a realistic budget.

    • Remember, you have options.

    • If you can’t find exactly the right piece at the right price, consider commissioning a custom piece.

    • Emerging artists and local galleries can often offer unique and affordable artwork that can become a brilliant addition to your space.

Investing in original artworks from emerging artists can powerfully transform your boardroom. This investment not only amplifies cultural richness and creative diversity but also breathes renewed life into workspace surroundings.

The potential financial windfall that original art growth represents is undeniably enticing. Equally important is the elevation of your brand image, showcasing a commitment to arts and innovation. Indeed, this strategy doesn't just win but triumphs, opening new avenues of inspiration and growth.

Whether contacting local artists or galleries for more information or starting conversations within your organization, every step counts. Let's interweave art into the fabric of our workplaces and experience the remarkable transformation it brings to life.

Want to know how we, at Gallery 7six5 can help? Contact artist and curator Benny Archer, email or call +61429465582 to start the conversation. 765d Eltham-Yarra Glen Road Watsons Creek Vic 3097


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