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Want to collect original artwork but don’t know where to start?

Here are 5 concepts that will help you build the perfect collection for you.

1. Definition.

Determining the purpose of your collection, whether it's for personal

enjoyment or investment will give you a clear path in your goal setting.

Collecting for investment purposes will see you visiting auction houses, researching

trends and niche markets for potential profit. Collecting to simply enjoy the work will

have you connecting with artists directly and networking with gallerists to make sure

you get that one artists next masterpiece.

2. Resonation.

This can sometimes require patience but is incredibly important. To build a

cohesive collection of artwork that speaks to you, spend time with work that appeals to

you visually, then deep dive into the piece. Pick out the details that take you

somewhere, whether that be a memory, a place, or a moment in time you’d love to

experience in the future. Talk to the artist or the representative at the gallery and get a

feel of what they intended for the artwork, where their mindset was, and how they felt

creating the piece.

If you’re curious about a piece at Gallery 7six5, please don’t hesitate to ask us about it.

Our artists are like family, so we’re all too happy to make that deep dive into the work

with you.

3. Research.

It’s important to know the market you’re stepping into. The art world can be

daunting, but it can also become relatively simple with research and experience. Visiting

art galleries and museums in abundance, trawling social media and art websites is a

great way to discover the aesthetics and artists you love. You can visit friends houses

that already collect, go to artists talks at community centers and spend time at Artists

Open Studios programs in your area. Talking to an art consultant can have you skipping

some of the hurdles in your journey too.

4. Scale.

Everything comes into play here, from the height, width and depth of the piece to

the wall and floor space available in your home. Modern homes tend to include large

floor to ceiling windows and open plan living, limiting the amount of wall space. Big

format statement pieces that are visually striking work well in these spaces, while older

homes lean toward having all that dreamy wall space to host your beautiful collection.

Quite often you can display multiple smaller pieces in these spaces in an eclectic fashion.

Artists have a good eye for these details and can assist you in scale and placement of

artwork, so don’t hesitate to ask.

5. Budget.

For some this doesn’t come into play, but if you’re not in the 1%, it’s definitely a

factor. Fortunately, there are a lot of workarounds. If you’ve found an artist you adore,

asking them about their colour studies, sketches or smaller works can be a cost effective

option to surround yourself with the aesthetic you love. Buying directly from an artist or

a smaller gallery will offer you a chance to purchase amazing art for a lower amount.

Many galleries also offer payment plans, either directly or through a third party. This

means you can own that artwork you fell in love with now and pay it off over time.

6. Bonus tip.

Gallery 7six5 works with over 50 exceptional local artists. We can fully support

you through the discovery and sourcing of the amazing talent that create out in the

Yarra Valley. Visit us at 765D Eltham-Yarra Glen Road, Watsons Creek, Victoria to get

started on a collection of your very own.

Benny Archer,

Director & Curator Gallery 7six5

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