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Wandering Gallery 7six5

Stepping into the world of curating, I never could have imagined the joy and excitement that awaited me. Curating an exhibition featuring the brilliant works of Lisa Ferrari and Tara Stubley at Gallery 7six5 was extremely easy. Things fell into place nigh on as soon as they arrived.

Lisa Ferrari's encaustic wax works, a series capturing the essence of snow gums through mist, instantly captivated my imagination. Each piece seemed to breathe with life, pulling me into a world where I could almost feel the cool mist against my skin. The natural tones of snow gums, the richness of gold, and the serene white mists formed a harmonious symphony of colors that spoke of nature's delicate beauty. As I arranged these works, I could sense a connection forming between them, a conversation where each piece contributed its own voice to the chorus of the misty forest. Lisa's use of negative space is as significant as the subject itself, allowing the viewers to get lost in the whispers of the landscape.

Then came Tara Stubley's oil-on-linen masterpieces. These paintings were a study in the vibrant energy of nature. The bold strokes and carefully chosen palettes seemed to leap off the canvas, inviting viewers to join them on a journey through sun-kissed rainforests and roo-inhabited bushlands. Tara's approach to depicting these scenes combines realism and abstraction, allowing the viewer's imagination to weave its own narrative through the forms and colors. Its a brilliant dance of hues and textures that speak of freedom and the untamed beauty of our land. As I hung each painting, I felt like I was witnessing a vibrant story being told through each brushstroke.

The process of curating this exhibition was a joyous exploration. There was an enchanting synergy between Lisa Ferrari and Tara Stubley's works that I was determined to capture.

Hanging their pieces side by side, I noticed a harmonious conversation between the ethereal mist of Lisa's snow gums and the radiant sunlight that danced across Tara's rainforests. It was as though the artists themselves were in dialogue across their distinct mediums, sharing their perspectives on the wonders of our natural world.

One of the most exciting aspects of curating this exhibition was envisioning how our visitors would experience it. I wanted to create a space where they could immerse themselves in these awe-inspiring landscapes, allowing their senses to be stirred by the works before them.

Bringing together Lisa Ferrari's encaustic wax works and Tara Stubley's oil-on-linen creations was a labor of love that I feel privileged to have undertaken. The joy of witnessing these two artists' visions intertwine and breathe life into the gallery space is an experience that words can hardly do justice. If you're passionate about nature's beauty and the artistry that captures it, I invite you to step into the world we've created at Gallery 7six5.

Allow yourself to be transported through misty snow gums forests and glowing rainforests, guided by the hands of Lisa Ferrari and Tara Stubley. This exhibition is a celebration of the profound connection between art and nature, and I can't wait for you to experience it firsthand.

Benny Archer - Curator

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