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  • Lisa Ferrari

They say first impressions count

Let's face it - your reception area is your office's first impression.

When a client or potential hire walks in, the artwork and decor they see set the tone for the rest of their visit. But with so many options, how do you choose pieces that convey the right message?

Follow these tips to make your reception area reflect your brand flawlessly:

  • Get their attention

    • Start with a statement piece.

    • A large painting, sculpture or other eye-catching artwork grabs people's focus as soon as they enter.

    • Choose something bold yet aligned with your brand identity.

    • Abstract shapes and colours in your logo colours are a safe modern bet.

    • If you can't find exactly what you want, commission a piece from a local artist whose work you connect with.

  • Add interest to a mundane space

    • Support the statement piece with complementary ones.

    • Add smaller paintings and sculptural pieces that tie into the central theme.

    • Vary textures and materials for visual interest.

    • Group pieces thematically to tell a story about your company's values and work.

  • desire: Make your reception area warm and inviting. Soft lighting, comfortable seating, warm metals, and woods make people want to stay. Have coffee table books or your company literature available for browsing.

With intention and purpose behind every design choice, you can make your reception area an extension of your brand - and make a stellar first impression. Need help pulling it all together? Our artist and gallery curator, Benny Archer can assist. Contact him on +61429465582 or at

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